Application to Host a VGSD Gardening 101 Course

If you'd like your home, church, business or organizational space to host a three-week VGSD Gardening 101 class series, fill out the application below.

Here's what we need for your site to be considered:

If you wish to be considered, please fill out the application below. If you qualify and we have demand for a garden in your area, you will be contacted and asked to send photos or supply further information.

Application Form

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Renters/Tenants or Commercial Properties including Churches

If you do not own the property where you’d like a garden you need to obtain approval from the property owner. Please download, print out and complete the Owner Authorization Form. You must provide this to us before we will consider your site for a class.

Download the Owner Authorization Form (Acrobat Reader required)

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CODE HINT: number nine, uppercase "C", lowercase "h", uppercase "T", uppercase "E"

If you recieve an application error and have made changes to your form, please before trying to resend.

We will review your request after receipt of your application, and may contact you for further information, including site photos.

The information you submit will be kept private and used only to contact you for Victory Gardens San Diego purposes.